Don’t be a Turkey!

Don’t be a Turkey!

Husbands, if there is any advice I can give you this November it is this: don’t be a turkey!

Sure the holidays are upon us, and you just might need to go visit the in-laws more than you wish.  Who knows?!  You just might have to wear a tie a few extra times.  But it is your choice how you respond to the holiday uproar.  You can be a turkey, or you can solidify the “Husband-of-the-Year” status.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Your wife has unspoken expectations for you this month.  She wants for the family to be together either at your home or at Grandma’s so that everyone can make some amazing memories.  This means, you will have extra responsibilities as you host or attend a Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe the yard needs one final mow, the leaves need to be finally raked, or the Summer project needs to be completed.  The kids are going to need someone to help them with their scratchy clothes.  AND you just might have to run interference when the kids are yelling, “MOMMY!” for the billionth time.  Here’s a secret:

It’s your time to shine!

Often we make the mistake of excluding ourselves from the holiday preparations.  Maybe we think we are being the best help by staying out of the way.  But don’t miss the opportunity you have to shine this month as the holidays approach.  Try this: communicate well with your wife.  Ask her what she needs help with and then be ready to do it…immediately!  No matter what your situation is with the “extended family” go out of your way to be the peacekeeper and encourager for the few days you are within proximity of them.

Yes football is on, but…

Your team will win or lose.  There, I said it.  At the end of the day you won’t go to bed with any of them.  You will go to bed with your wife, and your sheets will be cold OR hot depending how you cheered for your wife.  If you spent your day being served and ignoring all the “signs” and “looks” your wife has been giving you, then you just might be a turkey.  If you wife became superwoman (as many of our wives do this time of year) by taking care of EVERYTHING while you ate and watched T.V., then you just might be a turkey.  When at the end of the day all the cleanup and putting the kids to bed falls on your wife after her long day, then you just might be a turkey.

Don’t be a turkey!

Love your wife well everyday, but especially this holiday season.  Be there for her and ready to help her no matter what sacrifice it may mean of you.  This is your bride, make sure she knows it this time of year.

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  1. Great advice. I appreciate the “signs” and “looks.” Sometimes they speak more clearly than the answer to what she needs help with, but keep asking, as many times and ways as it takes.

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