I want to be a True Husband…

Can I be honest?  I have failed as a husband…many times.

My marriage has nearly suffered the fate of nearly half of all

marriages that end in divorce.  There were times where I walked around the hallways of my church and in my community with a smile on my face while on the inside I felt dead and lonely.  It is incredible how two people can be together in a home and yet it feel empty.  Frequent internal conversations occurred when I was driving in my car or laying awake late at night centered around this question, “How did we get here?!”

I’ve had to learn many lessons throughout my life, but one that has been crucial to me has been how to be a True Husband.

I don’t know where you are at in your marriage, but I hope to use our story as a way to inspire you to fight for your marriage.  I’m living proof that you can be a True Husband, and that your marriage can make it.

It was December 1996.  I was all of 20 years old and was sure I knew everything about the world.  I had fallen in love with my fellow dish room worker, Karlene, at Cincinnati Bible College and it was now our wedding day.  I mean, who could resist those beautiful big eyes of hers and a smile that could stop time?  Besides that, she was from Alaska and drove a truck!

Everything that I could dream of in a wife was found in my bride that day:

gorgeous, funny, educated, smart, career-driven, and most importantly a lover of Jesus.  We were a couple dedicated to each other and to God with ministry on our radar.  What could possibly go wrong in our marriage?  This was the perfect couple, destined for greatness…or so we thought.  We made a vow that day before God and witnesses that we would be husband and wife for the remainder of our lives.  Those vows have carried us though some tough times as the enemy has tried nearly everything to get us to betray the sacredness of our marriage.

This bible verse has impacted me for many years now:

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.”  Love your wife as Jesus loved the church.  That statement is powerful!  Jesus died for the church.  He never gave up on the church.  He worked tirelessly for the church no matter how tired or lonely He was.  That’s how we are to love our wives.  That’s how we become a True Husband.

Are you up for the challenge?

Join me once a week as I share insight on how you and I can be a True Husband to our wives so that our marriages can persevere and thrive.  I’d love for you to share this blog with others and for you to leave a comment or question that you may have.

God bless you, your marriage, or your future marriage!

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