My Favorite Date Ever

The honeymoon was over…

When I reminisce about my favorite date with my wife ever (including before we were married) I have one vivid memory.  It was within the first year of our marriage.  We were experiencing all the craziness that comes from being newlyweds:  I washed the dishes completely differently than her.  She squeezed the toothpaste differently than me.  Our humble apartment next to the donut shop was a place of love and war.


Nothing was going to stop me!

After months of not taking my new wife out for a dinner date, I decided that nothing was going to get in my way.  I looked in my wallet (and in Karlene’s purse) and discovered we had a five dollar bill and four one dollar bills between us.  That would have to do.  I said to Karlene, “Get in the car. We are going on a date.”  She thought I was joking because she knew we were flat broke.  But I insisted that she deserved a night out.  Excitedly, she trusted me, and away we went.

A dinner paid with love.

With only $9 to spend, you would think that I would have taken her to a fast-food joint.  But I had other plans.  Not knowing when we would get the chance to do it again, I pulled the car into a prominent, sit-down, steak restaurant.  When the waitress came to take our drink order I said something to her like this, “Ma’am, I’m going to be totally honest with you.  We just got married this past year and I have been unable to take my beautiful wife out for a dinner in months.  I only have $9 to spend which will include your tip.  I just want to show my wife that I love her.”  Tears began to swell in the eyes of the waitress.  We clearly looked young and desperate.

“That’s the most romantic thing I have ever heard.”

Was the response of our waitress.  She insisted that we not drink water, but to order what we wanted.  I reminded her that we couldn’t afford it, but she didn’t care.  We both ordered a Coke.  I began to eat my weight in the unlimited free rolls.  Karlene ate the salad that came with the one steak dinner we ordered.  Then came the dinner on one plate: a steak, a baked potato, and a side of veggies.  The sweet waitress handed me the extra plate that we requested, and we divided the food (mostly) evenly.  My love was completely revealed when I rejected my share of the side of veggies.

I felt as if I rolled out the red carpet.

Though we ate a “poor-man’s” dinner, I felt like I gave Karlene what she deserved.  Our bill came to a total of $9.00 with taxes included.  I profusely thanked the waitress over and over for her extreme kindness.  She insisted that it was one of the best things she had been a part of.  Now looking back over 20 years later I totally agree.  That was by far my favorite date…ever.  Love is creative and desperate sometimes…and sometimes that creates the best memories.

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