Remember Your Vows

If you got married, then you took a vow.

In fact, you probably vowed before God, before witnesses, and to your wife that you would love her…forever.  I can’t  remember the exact words I used the day I married Karlene, but I knew the implications of taking a vow.

We vowed to love our wife:

For better or for worse…

Of course we couldn’t look into a crystal ball and see all the things life was going to throw at our marriage.  We had expectations that everything would always be fun, right?  That making love would always be amazing and bountiful.  Instead, life sometimes punched us right in the nose.  Family members died.  The car stopped working. We lost our jobs.  We got caught in a lie.  Trust was broken.  The honey-do list grew.  Still one thing remained…our vows.

For richer or poorer…

One of the top three reasons for divorce is finances.  One spouse spends too much and the other is a budget-nazi.  You go to use your debit card and it’s declined because you have over-drafted.  You don’t have enough money for the car, the house, the vacation, or the toys that you or she wants.  Next thing you know, your financial situation is affecting everyones mood.  But that’s ok, because you have your vows.

In sickness and in health…

Sickness comes in many forms: emotional; dietary; physical; sexual; spiritual; and terminal.  From what I can tell, cancer has no bias.  If we are honest, when we make this part of our vows we never expect “sickness” to happen to us or our wife.  But it is common in our sin-broken world.  Thank God, we took a vow.

Forsaking all others…

Men, we stood before God on our wedding day and made a vow to keep our marriage bed pure.  Our culture makes this practically impossible with the barrage of lustful images in media and social media.  We can cheat on our wife without ever leaving the bedroom.  Pornography is killing marriages and truly is a poor substitute for our wife.  Social media has become a brothel of lonely people connecting to “fix” their broken marriage.  However, we took a vow.

Till death do us part…

Jesus said in Matthew 19:6 “So they are no longer two, but one flesh.  Therefore, what God has joined together, man must not separate.”  The man that Jesus refers to here includes us, not just some other yahoo who is trying to wreck our marriage.  When life gets tough in all of the above areas, we stick with it.  We can debate the extreme scenarios that always surface in this situation, but the reality is God’s design for marriage was for man and wife to be united until their life on earth ceased.

Those are the vows we took.

Remember them.  There will be times when they will be the only thing sustaining your marriage.  Allow your vows to fight for your marriage as you become the True Husband you were called to be.


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