Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinner

Here’s my top ten things NOT to say at Thanksgiving dinner if you want to be a True Husband:

10. Is this everything?!

9.  I’d love to help with the dishes but I’m just so tired from all that turkey.

8.  I’m only wearing this because my wife made me.

7.  This tastes nothing like mom used to make.

6.  Pull my finger.

5.  Look, the dog won’t even eat it.

4.  I’m thankful for football, friends, salsa, the internet…oh, and my wife and kids.

3.  I should have married your sister.

2.  This turkey is as cold as my bed was last night.  (chuckle-chuckle, elbow-elbow)

And the #1 thing not to say at Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Now let’s go around the table and all say who we voted for…starting with grandpa.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your time with your family, and always remember to be a true husband to your wife.

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